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• Promotes/sells/secures orders from existing and prospective customers through a relationship-based approach.

• Demonstrates products and services to existing/potential customers and assists them in selecting those best suited to their needs.

• Establishes, develops and maintains business relationships with current
customers and prospective customers in the assigned area/market segment to
generate new business for the organization’s products.

• Researches sources for developing prospective customers and for
information to determine their potential.

• Coordinates sales effort with marketing, sales management, accounting, logistics and technical service groups.

• Analyzes the area/markets potential and determines the value of existing and
prospective customers value to the organization.

• Creates and manages a customer value plan for existing customers highlighting profile, share and value opportunities.

• Keeps abreast of product applications, technical services, market conditions,
competitive activities, advertising and promotional trends through the reading of pertinent literature and consulting with marketing and technical service areas.

• Initiate sales process by scheduling
appointments, making presentation and
understanding account requirements

• Closes sales by building rapport with the existing and potential account, can
explain products and services being offered, prepare necessary documents/contracts

• Participates in trade shows and



Should you know someone for this role or should you be interested, kindly send your referral/CV to
careers@promax.com.ph or reach us thru 4114100/09228462395/09178461152 look for Ms. Lovely.


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